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A few words about the Pitney Bowes franking machine

A few words about the Pitney Bowes franking machine. A franking machine is a work tool used to print postal marks. For this work equipment, there are several models and brands.

A few words about the Pitney Bowes franking machine

Nevertheless, the Pitney Bowes franking machine makes it possible to meet 100% of La Poste’s requirements thanks to its characteristics. The benefits of using it are numerous.

What are the features of the Pitney Bowes franking machine?

In the context of postal work, the franking machine is one of the tools that are used the most. For this brand, there are several different series. In addition, each machine reference has its own capabilities.

That’s when for 1 to 20 letters a day, you can opt for the Pitney Bowes DM55 franking machine. For 20 to 50 letters, the DM220i should be chosen. If the number goes from 50 to 100 letters, it’s gone for the DM300c.

When the job gets tough and requires between 100 to 300 letters per day, you have to leave the job to the DM400. In the busiest moments, ie for production from 300 letters per day and industrial mail, it is necessary to opt for the SendPro Series. It can be noticed that each series makes different quotas, but the work is the same.

To make an imprint, the franking machine needs ink. Whether for Pitney Bowes or other brands, it is always advisable to use original ink. Certainly, ink from another brand could fit, but it is better to avoid the risks.

An incompatibility could happen at any time, and at that time, there will be damage. One ink may be thicker than another and clog the ink ducts of the machine that runs on thinner ink. Another case that may arise is that the imprint may be crossed out. A compatible Pitney Bowes franking machine ink cartridge must be purchased from the brand’s own redistributors.

What are the benefits of the Pitney Bowes franking machine?

Any franking machine already has great advantages in business work. When you buy one, you save a lot of time, because you don’t have to go to the post office to buy stamps and stick them one by one.

There are also enormous savings compared to the sending of letters. However, it should be remembered that all machines have their own small advantages. The Pitney Bowes has a few that are interesting.

The Pitney Bowes franking machine exists in different series and references. Its printing capabilities depend on it (as seen previously). Also, prices vary depending on this printing capacity.

This also means that Pitney Bowes products are accessible to everyone (individual, SME, large company). Finally, the brand is not new. His years of experience have made it possible to offer users a quality product. A Pitney Bowes postage meter is reliable for any type of use (personal or business).


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