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Why choose digital communication? If you manage or want to manage a business, you probably want to know what are the best options for communicating.

Renowned as one of the most powerful levers, digital communication has major advantages that will make it essential today.

Why choose digital communication?

But what is digital communication, and what makes it so important? Before contacting a freelancer or a digital communication agency, here are some practical explanations to get a good foundation.

Digital communication: what is it?

Digital communication includes all communications via the Internet. When you receive a message on WhatsApp, send an email or post a post on Facebook, this is digital communication.

Increasingly digital behaviors

Today, 81% of shoppers research a product online before buying it in-store, and 45% of them read online reviews beforehand. Accentuated by the covid 19 health crisis, this strong trend for digital purchases should increase according to the firm Forrester.

More generally, behaviors are changing, and we are entering the era of individualized marketing. One-to-one marketing illustrates the consumer’s tendency to want to receive personal and near-unique communication from brands. She also wants to be able to interact with them.

This trend, influenced and made possible by digital, has helped to push traditional marketing against the wall.

More control over your communication campaigns

1 ) Faster setup

Set up a traditional communication action, takes between 10 days and several months depending on the type of media targeted. With digital communication, we can set up ambitious communication actions in the space of 48h / 72h

2 ) Finer targeting

In the traditional media, we base ourselves on the demographic characteristics or the affinities of the audience to communicate. With the means implemented by Google or Facebook, it is possible to target profiles according to behavioral criteria: buyers, and frequent travelers… which maximizes your investment but also your returns.

3 ) Flexible adjustments

A digital campaign that is underperforming can be stopped and readjusted quickly. Conversely, traditional communication that does not bear fruit will force you to launch a new campaign if you have the means.

Better analysis to better meet needs

Digital campaigns allow you to collect a wide spectrum of demographic and behavioral data about your visitors. Thus, digital com allows you to know your target better and helps you to rationalize your expenses by communicating only with the profiles most likely to be interested in your proposal.

How to choose your digital agency?

  1. An agency or certified professionals

If you are a medium or large company that wants to manage several platforms on the internet, choose Google Partners and Facebook Marketing Partners certified agencies. Its labels, subject to quality and advertising expenditure criteria, certify that qualified professionals work within the agencies.

If you are a smaller company, or an independent, choose Facebook Blueprint certified professionals and holders of Google Ads and Google Analytics certifications like those of this digital communication company in Guadeloupe & Martinique.

  1. Positive reviews

Look at the opinions collected by the various professionals on the internet, particularly those present on the Google sheet of digital agencies.

  1. A portfolio as collateral

Do not hesitate to ask the professionals you meet for a portfolio to judge for yourself the quality of the services they deliver.


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