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How Hologram Advertising Works

How Hologram Advertising Works. A hologram is a three-dimensional image. A three-dimensional image is in principle much more engaging than a two-dimensional image.

How Hologram Advertising Works

The technology called holographic projection originated in the 1940s.

Some believe that the future of advertising will necessarily go through holography. We will see how it is possible to advertise using holograms.

The origins of holography

His creation
Holography as an idea originated in 1947. The idea stems from British-born English physicist and engineer Dennis Gabor. However, it was not until the 1960s that advances in technology made the concept of holography feasible. The concept is made possible thanks to the advent of the laser.

How hologram advertising works

Holograms in the real world aren’t exactly what you think of them when watching science fiction movies.

In order for the hologram advertising display to work, a 45-degree angled glass is required.

Then you need a screen that broadcasts the image. The hologram is neither more nor less than the reflection of a projected image.

It is, however, a particularly impressive reflection because it is three-dimensional and respects the proportions of the image it reflects.

How to Dynamic display hologram advertising

Digital signage is defined above all as a communication tool. It is used to convey a message to a fairly large audience. It is often to promote a product or a brand.

It is an increasingly widespread marketing strategy, particularly for point-of-sale advertising, also known as point-of-sale advertising.

It consists of broadcasting a holographic image in a place where several people can see it.

The dynamic display of advertising by hologram is particularly effective because it is much more interactive than traditional advertising.
They are also very effective because they allow companies that use it to stand out from the competition.

Saving space and time

The digital signage diffuser saves a lot of space and time by opting for this option. It is much easier to change the message with this method than with an advertisement displayed on an LED screen. To do this, simply change the USB key or have a playlist programmed beforehand.

Respect the environment

To broadcast advertising using dynamic hologram displays, all you have to do is buy equipment that can be reused once. This is more economical and respectful of the environment than traditional communication tools which have to be replaced regularly.

This technology also contributes to fighting against deforestation by avoiding having to use paper like other advertising techniques do.


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