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How to become a freelance IT consultant?

How to become a freelance IT consultant? A computer consultant is an expert in the internal or external information systems of a company. Its role is increasingly predominant in today’s societies due to digital transformation. .

How to become a freelance IT consultant?

The IT consultant can work as a team within the company or intervene as an independent freelancer. In this case, he performs missions for different clients. Find out in this article how to become a freelance IT consultant.

What training to become a freelance IT consultant?

To become a freelance IT consultant and accomplish the missions that will be entrusted to you, it is important to have solid training in the IT profession. The IT consultant is an expert and for this, he must hold a 4th or 5th university degree in the field.

It is, therefore, necessary to have undergone training in an engineering school specializing in computer science. Being the pivot of the company’s IT strategy, the freelance consultant must have solid technical knowledge in his field.

Network administration, web development, database management, application programming, etc. These are all elements that are part of the IT consultant’s area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise.

This will allow him to respond to the various issues that will be posed to him by companies. However, it can develop more specific skills.

Apart from practical training, the freelance IT consultant must have a sense of pedagogy and a good sense of listening in order to understand the real needs of the company in order to fully satisfy them.

The steps to becoming an IT freelancer

Becoming a freelance IT consultant means working on your own account. The process is therefore somewhat similar to that leading to the creation of a business. Some of the steps to becoming a freelance IT consultant include:

  • Define the contours of your project as a freelance IT consultant
  • Carry out the administrative formalities necessary for the creation of a company
  • Find funding
  • Buy work equipment for the realization of your activity
  • Realize communication supports
  • Prospect in order to find missions
  • Create a standard format for the contract to be signed between you and the companies
  • In terms of freelance contracts, you can consult the freelance blog for information on the different modes of freelance contracts.

The legal status of freelance IT consultants

For a freelance IT consultant, it is essential to choose a legal status for his activity. Among the options available to you, you can opt for:

  • The self-employed scheme
  • The sole proprietorship
  • The auto-entrepreneur scheme is simpler and quicker to create to start an IT freelance activity.

The EURL and the SASU are legal structures in their own right. They allow you to better protect your personal assets. Both options, however, allow you to be considered self-employed.


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