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The Future of Web-based Marketing for Small Businesses

The future of web-based marketing for small businesses. How handy would it be if we knew right now which way online marketing is going? If you could understand the online marketing tactics of the future, you can already spend your time and energy on the right things and set up incredibly powerful marketing channels.

The Future of Web-based Marketing for Small Businesses

Unfortunately, we at hitechbloggers cannot yet see into the future. However, we have done our best to provide insight into the predictions for the future in the field of online marketing for small businesses with the help of various studies and conversations with marketers in this blog post.

The most important trends in online marketing that will develop in the coming years:

Online marketing will become data-driven

A recent survey by the US State of Inbound found that one of the biggest challenges online marketers will face today is figuring out how profitable and effective certain marketing activities are.

The solution to this problem is to analyze data and make decisions based on the results of data analyses. This may sound like a tricky process, but thankfully it is getting easier. New tools are launched every day that you can use to analyze data and measure effectiveness.

In addition to the many tools available today, you can also use the built-in tools of your marketing channels. Your main marketing channels are likely to be social media platforms. Many social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn are getting more extensive and easier to use data analysis tools.

Even if you use, for example, Google AdWords, or Facebook ads, you will not be let down. Both ad platforms are still expanding their data analytics capabilities every day in view of current developments in data-driven marketing.

In short, data is the future of online marketing. Data will inform online marketers at every step of the marketing process and online marketers will make decisions based on data rather than intuition.

Online marketing will be personalized

Branding agency Janrain recently conducted an extensive survey that showed that 74% of online consumers become frustrated when the content on a website does not match their wishes, expectations, and needs.

When your marketing is personalized, your customers will feel more connected to your company, your products, and your services. But how do you ensure more personalization in your online marketing? One starting point is to start with email marketing.

Using email marketing software such as MailChimp, you can ensure that when someone performs a certain action, they receive an email. It is possible to set up whole chains of actions and reactions. The goal is to provide people with an experience that matches their preferences and behavior.

The Future of Web-based Marketing for Small Businesses

Once you’ve tried email marketing and are ready for the next step, consider turning to “smart content”. With the help of “smart content”, you can personalize your website to a large extent. For example, you can show different content to different types of people.

The content can be based on everything you know about people, such as their location and how they found your website. It is also possible to link a CRM system to your website. Smart content has a lot to do with artificial intelligence, something that will be used more and more in marketing in the future.

Online marketing will be more integrated

By “more integrated” we mean linking and integrating marketing channels with each other, also known as “omnichannel marketing”. With omnichannel marketing, your marketing becomes more streamlined and all your marketing channels reinforce each other.

How do you get started with this yourself? You can refer to your social media profiles on your blog more often or place a link on Instagram to a newly launched product, but omnichannel marketing also includes, for example, providing customer service via Facebook Messenger or using Facebook chatbots to ensure traffic to your website.

When you approach and continue to approach omnichannel marketing in the right way, this will ensure greater reach, more engagement, and more satisfied customers.

Content marketing becomes the standard

You’ve probably heard of the term “content marketing”, but you may not know what it means exactly. Content marketing is a strategic form of marketing that focuses on creating and distributing valuable content for a specific target group.

In short, the goal of content marketing is to bind potential customers to your business and convert them into paying customers through the content you create. Ideally, thanks to your strong content, these customers will even become ambassadors for your company or brand.

There are different marketing channels for your company. For example, think of a blog, a periodic newsletter, or eBooks that can be downloaded for free, but also posting strong content on social media can be seen as content marketing.

Mobile is becoming the norm

Not exactly unexpected, the trend of mobile phone use is very likely to continue. Having a mobile-optimized website is extremely important to the user experience, but it also has many other benefits.

The Future of Web-based Marketing for Small Businesses


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