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What are the criteria for High Standing residences?

  • The skilled (and well-paid) caretaker
  • Well-maintained green spaces
  • Maintenance of (supposedly) noble materials (precious wood, marble, etc.)
  • Parking and security 24/24

What are the criteria for High Standing residences?

Avis General

High-end real estate development is a form of modern urban development that provides residential functions, among others. Its composition often includes several floors, allowing it to accommodate several dwellings or apartments.

It can be made up of several standard buildings, luxury or high-class buildings depending on their level of comfort.

In a luxury building, the apartments offer top-of-the-range comfort. We speak of a high-standing building when the quality of the construction, the finishes, and the equipment offer a maximum level of comfort to the residents. These are recent residences with an excellent level of insulation.

No law clearly defines the notion of “high standing”. It is the developer who, when selling or renting the real estate program, will decide whether or not to use this name depending on the level of comfort of the property.

Even if it remains subjective, the determination of standing is influenced by several parameters including the geographical location (residential area, proximity to facilities and shops, surrounding green spaces, etc.), the design (number of bathrooms, area, and quality of the layout of the rooms, etc.) and the additional equipment (elevators, air conditioning, electronic gate, Digi code, swimming pool, etc.) with which the luxury building is equipped.

The High Standing

This means the use of noble materials, well arranged, all well maintained.

  • A beautiful entrance, large, well lit, with recess from the gate, with a well-designed and maintained garden.
  • The lobby should be welcoming, there should be at least one person available day and night for advice, security, and any other needs.
  • The stairwell, elevators, and all common areas must be of the same quality as the entire entrance area.
  • The car parks must be clean, well lit and well painted.
  • The apartments must offer beautiful volumes, well lit, with several orientations available for the rooms.
  • A luxury residence should look like some large hotel for its common areas.
  • The nobility of materials (marble, mosaics, lava, or quality tiles).
  • Quality of insulation but also large windows if a view is available.
  • Irreproachable common areas, clean, well maintained, calm residents with whom it is possible to cohabit smoothly.
  • Neighborhood with other residences of the same type
  • Security services such as guarding, night rounds, but also comfort: swimming pool, well-kept gardens.
  • A well-managed condominium is able to understand that a building is repainted more than once every 500 years and is, therefore, able to maintain the standard of the building.

More specifically, is defined by the superior quality of the equipment, materials, and environment available to the residents. Also, the comfort of life is an essential element making the quality of life in these residences ideal.

Real estate promotion in Algeria

Real estate development in Algeria through its experience over several decades is always committed to the various actors of the projects carried out to keep its commitments to ensure a superior quality of life within its residences.

Future real estate buyers can claim High Standing in the majority of promotional projects, which often use the various noble materials used, particularly in the interior lining, but also in the quality of the work and the rigor that animates the promoters in the finish. of the building itself.

Algerian real estate developers offer residences with a high level of comfort with 24/24 security, nurseries, relaxation areas, fitness rooms, and a very pleasant atmosphere.


This will allow you to enjoy a harmonious and relaxing environment with all the amenities allowing each resident total peace of mind. Please see examples of this type of accommodation on the real estate portal www.algeriahome.com


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