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What type of headphones to choose from?

What type of headphones to choose from? The use of headphones is becoming more and more rooted in lifestyle.

Between listening to music in good conditions, watching a favorite program on your television or on your tablet, or even receiving calls in less than rosy circumstances, headphones find their application.

What type of headphones to choose from?

But there are several types and several models of each type currently on the market, which causes a headache when you decide to buy one. Mastering the different types of headphones is therefore the prerequisite for hoping to choose the one that corresponds to a given user.

In-ear headphones

As its name suggests, it is placed in the ear, quite deep in the external auditory canal. It is provided at its end with a tip whose size differs depending on the model.

It is, therefore, necessary to be attentive to the choice of headphones, in order to acquire the one that best adapts to the ear. Thanks to its morphology, it isolates the middle ear better than other types of headphones from the external environment.

It also produces superior sound quality compared to its peers. However, it has the disadvantage of not being very comfortable. It is mainly used for sports or in public transport to listen to music. It is always on Bluetooth and therefore requires recharging to function.

The headband headphones

It comes in two helmet models. The first has a headband that connects two earphones padded with pads that surround the ear (it is said to be circum-aural). The second differs from the first only in the arrangement of the pads on the ears; it is therefore said to be supra-aural.

From a comfort point of view, the circum-aural model seems the best, although it couldn’t be more cumbersome. It also isolates better from noise coming from outside. A headband headset can be wired or Bluetooth.

Wired headphones

It has a cable on which there is a kind of control tablet that includes a microphone and allows you to change the volume and pick up calls. For use on a mobile phone, you are advised to check the compatibility of the end of your cable with the telephone socket.

It has the advantage of not requiring energy refills like Bluetooth headsets, and of being accessible at a very affordable price. This category takes into account classic headphones (or earpieces) and certain headband headphones.

Bluetooth headphones

It’s usually non-wired but has a battery that needs to be charged for the headphones to work. A model of in-ear Bluetooth headset, however, has a wire that connects the two headphones.

It is generally more convenient than wired headphones. Before buying one, check its battery life first so you don’t have to charge it all the time.

Noise reduction headphones

In-ear and circum-aural headphones are passive. Headphones with active noise reduction allow you to isolate yourself from surrounding noise without having to increase the volume of the music you are listening to.

They are however equipped with a battery and cost a fortune. They are ideal for public transport.


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